Are there stock options, IRAS, 401(k) plans, pensions or investment accounts, any and all of which must be considered?
1. Do you or your spouse have a retirement account? Do you know whether it is a 401(k), 403b account or a defined benefit plan? Do you know the difference between a defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan?
2. Do you or your spouse have an interest in a military retirement plan or civil service retirement plan (this includes plans that are not in pay status.)
3. Do you have any statements or documentation with respect to your or your spouse's retirement plans?
4. Have you or your spouse acquired any stock options as a result of your employment? Do you have any documentation or statements with respect to the stock options?
5. Do you or your spouse have any investment accounts? Do you have copies of statements for at least the last year? Did you or your spouse use money you had prior to marriage or acquire the stock in the investment accounts? If so, do you have any documentation to prove the stock was acquired with funds you had prior to marriage?