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Retirement, Pension Plans, and Divorce

The Best Way to Divide Retirement Plans - Tips for dealing with retirement assets to minimize tax costs, penalties and fees. By Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP®, CDFA

Mental CheckList - Questions you need to ask yourself about your pension plan when considering divorce.

Same Sex Issues and Divorce

Domestic Violence- Same Sex Violence: The Elephant in the Living Room. Michele Lowenstein is a columnist for the publication Gay San Diego.
Marriage & DOMA- DOMAS Devastating Grip on State Law. Michele Lowenstein's Gay-SD monthly column.

Federal Tax Issues - To File Jointly of Not, That Is the Question. A discussion on the significance of the IRS' decision to follow state law for LGBT couples.

Finances, Taxes, and Divorce

Five Filing Facts for Recently Married or Divorced Taxpayers - The IRS provides you a quick, must-do list.

Elkins Court Ruiling- did divorce just get more expensive? Stay tuned for more information.

Legal Fees for Divorce: What's Deductible? - list compiled by a former IRS special agent.
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