California Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support: Few terms in combination are so Powerful.

Below are Questions we hear all too often from
Parents we did NOT Represent:

(We resolve these and other issues for our clients. The best step to prevent problems like these is to structure child custody and child support properly in the beginning).

The other parent won’t let me see my kids or talk on the phone with them. How do I get more time with my kids?


I am currently receiving child support and Dad wants to spend more time with the kids. How will this affect my child support?


The other parent keeps making decisions about the children without consulting me and we have joint legal custody.  How do I resolve this problem?


The other parent is supposed to reimburse me for medical and extracurricular expenses.  I forward the bills and send e-mails to him/her, but the bills are not getting paid. What do I do now?


To Deal With a Divorce When Children and Child Custody Are Involved, You Have to Know Your Options. 
They All Are Important and They Include:

Child Support - When, How Much, and Who Pays?
Grandparents and the Rights of Other Relatives
What is the Law and What can be Negotiated?

With minor children, you must receive the most experienced and expert legal advice and assistance in protecting them and their rights. They cannot do it for themselves.

No one can guarantee what the future will bring when it comes to relationships between the parties to a divorce.  A properly structured Child Custody Agreement is your best insurance against painful adjustments when things change, as they usually do.

We will advise you of your options, be at your side, help you decide wisely, and work with you diligently to protect your children. Depend upon us to care.

For over twenty-five years we have practiced family law in San Diego including all matters involving Child Custody and Child Support.

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