Lowenstein Brown APLC Referrals and Testimonials


We cannot (and wouldn't anyway) post any comment that would allow for identification of a client, so testimonials are paraphrased ...

Testimonials (please see above):

"I will never be able to thank you enough for the help and support! You are a true angel, sent to help my girls and me when we needed it the most."

"Michele's keen intelligence, professional knowledge, and experience made it possible for me to return to my family home. I am happier than I have been in years ..."

"It's been a long haul. I just want to thank you for the tremendous help you have been to me in this case. It was such a victory and I'm so grateful. God Bless!"

"I want to thank you again for doing such a good job, and for your understanding and patience with my case."

"Thank you for your guidance and support during the most difficult time of our lives. Your efforts ensured that we have a guaranteed relationship with our grandchildren, and time to heal."

Comments From Professional Associates:

"Michele defies all the stigmas attached to family law attorneys. Her integrity, pragmatic approach to problem solving, and ardent commitment to her clients are only a few of the qualities that have prompted me to retain her services on more than one occasion."