If you have children and are planning or going through a divorce, here are some thoughts and some questions that parents should ask themselves.  (These are not about whether to divorce or not, but are about planning).
1. This is so important that even though it states the obvious, it must be included: 

Have you considered how the divorce will impact the children?
2. Have you and the other parent sat down together and told your child(ren) you are getting a divorce?

If you have not yet done this, have you and the other parent (co-parent) discussed how you, together, will tell them?
3. This is perhaps not so obvious:  Have you considered how the story of a divorce will become the story of a child as he or she becomes an adult?
4. You must think ahead and guard against this:  Will your behavior make it harder for you to attend your child's graduation or wedding?
5. As a general reminder, are there parts of your behavior that you will regret?
6. We all must understand that even after a marriage is over we are responsible for our children forever.
7. Will your emotional pain prevent you from caring for your children?  What steps have you take to cope?
8. How a child was told about the parties divorcing will be something he or she will remember the rest of his or her life.