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Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines DIVORCE as:
"1 : the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage"
While correct, that definition of DIVORCE doesn’t begin to define the meaning of the term.  Few words, standing alone, can trigger such powerful emotions, and few words signify such stress.


  • Divorce triggers great anger and anxiety;

    Powerful emotions that interfere with good sense.

  • Divorce often involves children to protect :

    An issue invoking the most powerful instincts.

  • Almost always there is financial security involved :

    You may face the loss of years of effort.

  • A sense of inadequacy is a common side effect :

    How did this happen,
    Where to go,
    What to do,
    How to do it?

  • Divorce can mean a loss of friends or community :

    Who will stand with you?

We will stand with you. 
It is the job of your divorce attorneys to stand with you throughout the process of obtaining your divorce, and this is what we do. Call us at 619-298-6246.


Mediation may be an option. Mediation is a process which allows parties to make their own decisions and avoid extended litigation. Mediation can substantially reduce both the cost and the time for divorce, provided all parties agree to the process.

Collaborative Divorce may be an option. It is a process akin to mediation, but with attorneys for both parties included with special guidelines for representation. Michele Lowenstein is a certified specialist in collaborative divorce.

If your divorce requires litigation, (and sometimes there are no viable alternatives), we will represent you. We have a solid and successful background in litigating divorce to the benefit of our client.
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We are a Family Law office. We know about protecting children. We understand and will work with you to resolve child support settlements, spousal support, and personal or family protection from the financial disasters that can result from divorce.

We will help you put your divorce in focus. You must know your options. You must have truly good advice and counsel. That's why we're here. 

michele sacks lowenstein is a principal in the san diego law firm lowenstein brown, aplc elizabeth m. brown is a principal in the san diego law firm lowenstein brown, aplc

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