Seminar On Divorce Decisions January 2010

Announcing Seminar on Divorce Decisions:  What do you want to get out of it, or do you really want out?

San Diego, CA

For Immediate Release

Bankruptcy Before Divorce

Simply said, bankruptcy stays all legal proceedings. 

A Lawyer Representing Himself has a Fool for a Client

An often-quoted witticism, but just as often true.

Poor Economy -- Can You Afford to Divorce?

For good or for ill, the economy is affecting divorce decisions.  The most important way that I see an effect is in “opportunity”.  In the stock market, the real estate market and the business market, there may be a good time to find good value in bad times.  Savvy investors know when a stock, a property or a business is undervalued, and the ones that have the opportunity and the means to take advantage of it will be better-served, financially.

Life's Short... Get a Divorce?

This is the slogan of a billboard that went up (complete with two pictures – check out the link) in Chicago’s Viagra Triangle in 2007.  I have two thoughts on this (at least two!).

Personal Shame vs. Social Stigma

There’s a big difference between personal shame and social stigma, both of which can be concerns in a divorce. In the United States, though, it is common to be divorced. Divorce can be discussed openly -- there is virtually no social stigma – and there are support groups, books and more.

Registered Domestic Partnerships in California

Registered domestic partnerships in California are the functional equivalent, as far as the law goes, of marriages without the title of marriage. RDPs retain all community property rights, all parental rights and responsibilities, and every other benefit and detriment of marriage. As far as California law is concerned, those unions are equal to marriage.       

Divorce Rates and the Success of Marriage

We often hear that the divorce rate is rising. Though today’s divorce rate hovers around 50% (although I have heard higher statistics), I’m not quite sure that anything has changed over the years as far as success of marriage.

Divorce Cakes Try to Add Humor to the Process

I saw, recently, a line of cakes that are being created in Florida with divorce themes. I remain skeptical of these cakes and, frankly, don’t believe they are in good taste (no pun intended).  However, I can see the role that these cakes might have.

Can Ballroom Dancing Save a Marriage?

I saw some time ago in the Daily Mail that Vanessa Platt, a divorce attorney cum TV personality in the UK, has recommended that couples try ballroom dancing lessons before filing for divorce.

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