An often-quoted witticism, but just as often true.

Depending on the source, 60-80% of people getting a divorce are representing themselves.  This statistic is true all over the country, not just in California. I’d argue that a divorce affects one’s future and long-term viability and happiness, and that it affects one’s children too.  In my opinion, what’s the most important thing money spent on a skilled family law attorney gets you?  Access to a more global view.  While you’re (probably) only going through one divorce, a family law attorney has gone through dozens, hundreds, thousands.  All in the same state, all with the same rules (in our case, California).  He or she knows what’s possible, what’s fair, what’s likely, and how to protect a client – from him or herself if necessary!  I’ve a number of cases where people originally represented themselves and either gave up a very important right or failed to accomplish what they thought the settlement would actually provide.  It can be very difficult and expensive to “undo” a divorce settlement.  As in so many fields, it is cheaper to do it right the first time.